Monday, March 2, 2009

Raffle For Kayleigh

You can go here to purchase a raffle ticket to win one of the wonderful packages up for raffle!

Kayleigh when she was first born! Oh so tiny!

Kayleigh now at 7 pounds, almost ready to go home. See here is the thing, they are going to loose their home. Due to all the growing medical expenses, a downturn in the market, (both parents are real estate agents) things are pretty tight these days for the Freeman family. I really hope everyone will go and take a peak. If you feel good about what we are doing here with this auction....PLEASE BLOG ABOUT IT! Pass the word along, pay it forward to help this sweet little family out.
Here she is with her Mom & Dad. Kayleigh is the youngest of the three Freeman kids. She has a darling older brother and sister.

My Birdie Sisters painting is just one of the many things you can win in this amazing raffle!

Please go and check it out!


Firefly Hill said...

Hi Summer,

What a darling baby Kayleigh is! So tiny...but growing! I will check out the auction...
I am making slow progress on my winter hutch and sewing box redo. Sickness in our house has slowed me down somewhat! Now is my daughter's turn..she is home today with a fever. Hopefully I will finish soon and post pics!

It' an Evolution said...

This is too funny...I just finished doing a post about what Annie was doing at Firefly Hill and now I opened your page and see the wonderful thing that you are doing... I will post about it tomorrow...I think it is wonderful what you girls are doing.

Elissa said...

what a worthy cause and an incredible miracle for this family!

The Blonde Duck said...

Oh my God! She's so tiny!

charmaine said...

hi Summer! i just want to say thank you for your comment, i really appreciate it, and i would love to meet you one day too. i also wanted to let you know that i copied your post about precious Kayleigh. i am keeping her and her family in my prayers. thank you for posting about her.

God Bless,

TaMs* said...

what a story. and wow, what growth! beautiful painting.

The Carpenters said...

Thanks for posting info about the giveaway! :)