Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Little Reminder

Today I was reminded of a couple things.

I am married to a truly amazing man,

I have three darling children that make me smile,

even when my heart is heavy.

That poor decisions in my past,

DO NOT have to dictate who I am today.

No matter how much they try to haunt me.

I have dear friends who are good listeners.

How much I love my family.

I am loved.

It's all in God's hands,

even when we'd like to think we have control of things.

Oh yeah, & I was reminded of how much I need to practice my real life drawing skills.


Elissa said...

you are too cute, but, in all seriousness, i need those reminders EVERY SINGLE day. yesterday was an emotional disaster for me and i loved reading this this morning. thanks. i think i should print it an frame it to read every morning.

Dana said...

You are one lucky lady. In good times . . . as well as the bad. Hang in there!

karlamsmith said...

I hope you know that even though you may not always feel like it, you are an amazing example and an inspiration to everyone you meet! We love you and miss you!