Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sometimes Life Gives us Lemons...........

or brightly colored lemon yellow markers,

scribbled on sweet but dirty hands and faces.

That you didn't mind them doing because you figure it will wash off in the tub. Only it takes two days, and four baths to wash off. Then you have to pick out yellowish outfits to match the yellow scribbles on the faces, so at least they will match.

Yes sometimes life gives us lemons. It's what we do with those lemons.....Make lemonade or pout about how sour things are? Everything is good here. Yesterday was a hard day. I dare not air my dirty laundry, there is really no need. I always try to focus on the positive in my daily life. I think it's so much more fun to read and talk about happy things on my blog. Every once in a while something comes along and blindsides me. Knocks the stinkin' wind out of me. I think these things are part of life. Frustrating situations beyond our control can teach us valuable lessons. Lessons of love and kindness, of gratefulness, and forgiveness. Most of all I think a tough situation can strengthen us. A little reminder that we are children of a loving God who wants us to be happy. Those tough times, I believe, are a little reminder of just how good life really is.

So the next time life gives you lemons, or lemon colored markers, I hope you can find the happiness in that situation also.

I'll be back tomorrow with a sneak peak at some new art.


Elissa said...

i wish i were better about making the lemonade. i hope that whatever is in your "laundry" has been washed away.... lemons, in spite of being sour, are really good for cleaning.

hugs your way.....

FamiLee said...

I heart you. You seriously are the best mama ever. Plus the very best artist. I think that you have a sweet heart too. In my perfect are one of my best e-friends.

I love that you took pictures of it all!


Ruth said...

Sorry to hear that life has tossed some lemons your way. They are a good way to bring things back into perspective. I hope your day today is better. Filled with sunshine and flowers.