Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just Between..............

I'm not going to lie. If the word barf makes you uncomfortable, please do not read any further. Don't say I didn't warn you. Yes the better part of the weekend and the last few days we have been participating in an official barf fest! Whoot! Whoot! Where you earn points for being the best barfer! Let me tell you, it's been a total blast! Do you detect the sarcasm? 

Friday night's Event schedule
Yes it all started Friday night around 12 am when Aris decided to kick off the festival with a monumental barf. I gave her a 10 due to the complex nature of the barf, it was a little hard to clean off of all those little holes in her crib. Then she earned two more perfect scores of 10 due to the fact that all the bean and cheese burrito she had eaten at dinner was projectile vomited onto me. Yep. Not once. Nope that would have been way to kind. Twice! 15 extra points earned for a double barf on the same person. Two showers later and 4 pairs of jammies later I was finally able to feel her body language and knew exactly when she was getting ready to puke. I was pretty pleased with myself. After that Aris was out of the running for earning anymore 10's. No perfect scores when you make it into a sink/toilet/bathroom sink. Valiant effort though little one, for that you earned 20 more points. 5 points for each barf you had after you stopped barfing all over me. This barf fest contestant was able to sleep so well the next day due to all the evenings excitement. Good job sweetie!
Aris::65 points! Awesome!

Sunday night/Monday morning event schedule
The festival started a little after midnight. Let's face it people, I'm the score keeper so if I tallied all my own points for the amount of times I puked, you might think it unfair. Plus it's just not fun to talk about adult barfs, unless you are laughing about stories from that one party in college. I will tell you this. I haven't been this violently ill in over two years. It was pretty brutal.
However Sloan decided to join in all the festivities at 4 am. She earned a whopping 10 points + 20 bonus points for her first barf. Why you ask? Well for the very fact that it was over the side of her bunk bed, it involved red chunky barf on cream colored carpet, and somehow she managed to miss hitting Aris in her crib in the process. Pretty amazing if you ask me. She only earned 20 more points that day because she was able to make it into some kind of container. 
Wait! There's MORE! Yes Zoe decided to join in the fun! So around 7 am right after she finished her Poptart, she earned 5 points. Only 5? Yes. Zoe is my well trained barfer. She has barfed so many times in her short 3 years of life that she knows when she has to barf. Even when she is no longer sick, she will sleep with a little plastic container in her bed for days. Throughout the day she earned 15 more points.
Sloan::50 points
Zoe::20 points

Tuesday's event schedule
The day was pretty uneventful until late afternoon. Wouldn't you know that little Zoe pulled quite the trick out of her hat. In the car on the way to Target she barfed! Oh!!! She still only earned 5 points due to the fact that she was holding her little plastic bowl in her lap. I'm telling you people. She really does hold onto a bowl for days after.
Zoe::5 points

Wednesday's event schedule
That darn Zoe was at it again with her sneaky little antics. Events started before sunrise my friend. I gave her 10 points for this one due to the early nature of the barf (she of coarse made it into the bowl). Yes girlfriend had to go and pull out all the stops. She earned another 5 points for throwing up in the tub, it was in the bowl, in the tub.
Zoe::15 points

A tally of the points
Sloan::50 points
Zoe::40 points
Aris::65 points

Oh! It looks like Aris is the winner!!! Popsicles for all the participants, because really in truly didn't they all give it their best shot?


michelle said...

Okay, I am only laughing because that is exaclty how I spent my night last night with Matthew. Only I am praying ours is only a one day event. You guys definitely win though! Enjoy your popsicles, oh, but not the red ones-they stain!

Jo James said...

I couldn't read it. If I see the word BARF enough times, I'm afraid the power of suggestion will do me in. I read enough to know that get-well-soons are in order though. So I hope your barfy brood gets well soon!

Kimberly said...

Oh the joys of motherhood that I am NOT looking forward to. Eeek. I hope all the sickness is over, really really over, for a looooong time! :o)

Elissa said...

in the bowl, in the tub.


not to be mean (very, very sorry you have had to do this), but i am SO GLAD i am not the only one this spring!!! this has been SO the stupid barfing spring for us. oh i hope you are all better soon. rotten isn't it? taking care of three barfing babes all while do it yourself? wish i could come and help you out.

except then i might get it ;-)

sloeginfizz said...

Oh, it all sounds awful, and yet SO FUNNY the way you've told it!

Vicky said...

Poor Summer...I confess you made me sick. I hope you are all on the mend.

amylouwho said...

I'm so sorry. Isn't it exhausting having sick kids?

Dana said...

Ugh! I am sooo sorry you have all been so miserably sick! Get well soon!

Ruth said...

So sorry to hear that you have sickness running through your home. Hope you are all much better soon.

It' an Evolution said...

HOLY CATS BATMAN...BARF FEST WAS A TRUE SUCCESS. You should have tallied your points because I really think you would have been a barf is the worst of all since we have such complex systems :) Too bad it wasn't because of the party :)
Hope you are all on the mend....
ps I know my neighbor could not have read this she can't even say the word :) She has 4 kids that just love to have a good ole barf fest for no reason what so ever :)
Have a good one