Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Afternoons are Full of.......

Rollie Pollies

Bare feet

Planting pumpkins


And Teepee's

After almost a week filled with sickness, it was such a delight to spend the last few evenings having fun. We've been getting a nice amount of rain over the past week. The weather started out mild at the beginning of the week, and has turned quite cold. Summer shorts and sundresses have been replaced with jeans and sweatshirts. I know it won't last but I am enjoying the lightning storms and cool weather. I have heard people complaining, but I love it. 

What do you think about that cute little teepee Dean built for the girls? He came inside the house the other night and wanted me to come and see what he had made. It was almost 10pm. What on earth could he be building at 10pm? I walked out and saw that cute little teepee. He just melts my heart all the time. Seriously, how cute is that? The girls love it. 

Working on a lot of house cleaning and some new art. Hope to show you some of the new works in progress tomorrow.


mysteryhistorymom said...

Summie- I am SO glad to hear that everyone is well and enjoying cooler, summer weather! We are having it here, too, and it is heavenly! I do believe the hot weather has found us this weekend, though...

Love the teepee!!! You are blessed with such a lovely family, Sweets.:) Lori

Kimberly said...

Hehe, like me?? I'm a big complainer when it comes to thunderstorms, they scare me! lol. But I do like this cooler weather. I have no AC here, so I'm dreading the hot {pregnant} summer.

The teepee is cute!!! Ans looks fun for the girls! :o)

Jo James said...

Awww, definitly a keeper that builds a teepee for the babes :)
I'm pretty sure Dylan still wants to live in one.

Elissa said...

i'll take one of those teepees too, please :-)

Ruth said...

Great pictures. It looks like some wonderful fun. I love the tepee. What a great idea.