Saturday, March 6, 2010

Looking Forward

The girls pretending

I'm looking forward to finishing up a long overdue project & our house being germ free. It seems as if the "germ family" has moved into our home and made itself comfortable. I'm ready to pull the welcome mat out from under them. Time to go you nasty little buggers. Besides, the welcome mat was never intended for you anyhow.

Looking forward to a family day spent at home tomorrow, but hopeful for the chance to go to church next week. We haven't been able to go in a while due to all this sickness in our home. I hate to be that mom at church. You know the one. She brings her kids even when they have snotty bugger faces and hacking rattly coughs. Meanwhile your sweet child has infected all the elderly people in the congregation. I just don't want to be "that" mom.

Looking forward to finding out if we got the house we put an offer on. It is HUGE! HUGE I tell you! It has 4 bedrooms & a mother-in-law suite, two car garage and a nice size lot. Dean & I are very hopeful for this one. The mother-in-law suite would become a new master bedroom with a family room/art space. Yes the space is that big. It is a mess inside. If I showed you pictures you might question our sanity & the reasons why we are so excited. Seriously though it has great bones, just needs a little TLC, oh & new flooring, & the popcorn ceilings to be scraped, & the bathrooms to be updated.....& the kitchen to be remodeled. No but it really has so much potential. Plus it even has a cute little chicken coop in the back yard. Dean said that was the deal maker (wink ;) We have been wanting to get a few chickens so it would be perfect for that endeavor. We shall see. I'm hopeful.

Looking forward to finishing up March's card. I'm always amazed at how patient people are with me and my lateness when it comes to art. I really need to work on timeliness. It isn't one of my strong suits.

Really looking forward to going to bed when I'm done with this post. Hopefully I can sleep & not wake up every 5 minutes feeling like I've been walking in the desert. I've been so thirsty lately.
Also having some crazy pregnancy dreams. Most are too strange an disturbing to share. Only because they seem so very real. I guess I should enjoy it while I can though. Pretty soon I'll be too sleep deprived to remember any of my dreams. I'll take what I can get. Crazy dreams and all.

What are you looking forward to?


It' an Evolution said...

Keep being will all work out the way it is suppose to. Enjoy your day today...I am sure you will get good news on the new house :)

Elissa said...

oh saying prayers right now about the house! i would NOT thing you were crazy because this place was SUCH a mess when we bought it that i totally get it, girl. when you've got a handy hubby it's easy to see potential rather than limitations! let's just say this place had moldy corn left in the oven, so if that gives you any indication of the rest of the place......

i'm looking forwarding to babysitting and being able to make a few bucks. now THAT sounds crazy to me :-)

Vicky said...

I'm looking forward to spring being here full time and not waking up with my bones hurting! Getting old is for the birds! Hope you get your dream home! It will be fun to put your own 'signature' on it and make it yours!!