Friday, April 9, 2010

Singer Sewing Illustration

Illustration measures 12"x12"

All of the tiny details

I'm finished! The first of the series and my brain is reeling with ideas for more than just sewing machines. I'm considering offering custom sewing machine illustrations in my Etsy shop. What are your thoughts on this? I need to finish a few more before I put them in my shop. My friend Elissa from the blog Birch Swinging mentioned possible illustrations of other appliances & now I have them on the brain as well. I feel alive and inspired & ready to roll on the next project. This weekend I promised Sloan we would do some sewing. I got a killer deal on some flannel earlier this week & she has been begging me to sew with her. It is her machine after all. I have no blankets for the little guy so I figured it was about time I start on something for him. I haven't sewed in a while so I think I'm just as excited as Sloan. We shall see how it goes.
What do you have planned for this weekend?


Courtm said...

I love it! You are talented!

Feather said...

oh, my, the details! your work is so intricate and amazing! how long does something like that take, out of curiosity? vintage stoves would be so lovely in this style, i think! have fun with your sewing. we'll be making some stenciled shirts using freezer paper stencils, a new technique to me. happy days to you!

Elissa said...

oh MY, i always feel like a rock star when anyone mentions me somewhere else :-) i love this, summer. really fun vibe. i think an old GE fan would be my next favorite thing to a sewing machine.