Saturday, June 19, 2010


I've been a little behind in my postings. So I thought I'd catch up a bit. One of the last mornings in the old house I woke up to three little girls. All had eaten breakfast thanks to little Sloan. They also had all given themselves tattoos thanks to Sloan giving them each a pen. Zoe' was the most impressive.

She put hers on her leg, "Just like my daddy's" she told me. Thankfully hers wasn't a skull with snakes coming out of the mouth and eyeballs, lol :)

This is the space the girls spend a good portion of each day. Our huge porch. Words can't even express my love for this back porch. Seriously it is tops in my book.

So grateful for the warmer weather we have been having here. Dean bought a huge box of Otter Pops a few weeks back and it's fun to send the girls out on the back porch for snack. Only 5 carbs each so even little Sloan can enjoy 2 of them without any guilt.

Last but not least we have had so much fun with the family visits. Grandpa David is Deans dad. The girls love when he and Grandma "Berta" Roberta come for a visit. Roberta wasn't able to make it for this past trip but we so look forward to seeing her at the end of the month. David was able to take Sloan to school and pick her up a few times. They went and got snacks together. I was able to take longer naps thanks to his help. At night David, Dean & I would sit out on the back porch or inside and chat. It was really nice. I took more pics but the wind was blowing so hard that afternoon the other pictures didn't turn out. I do so love this one though. Grandpa David we love you tons and can't wait to see you and Roberta at the end of the month.

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