Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Merris

July 2009

3 years ago today we held you for the first time. You came into this world fast & furiously. I have to say your personality matches your birth. You are the fast little feet we hear first thing in the morning on the wood floors. You are still so tiny but the loudest one in the room. We love to watch you pretend and create. Everyday you amaze me a little more. So grateful you chose to come to our family. Happy Birthday to our sweet little girl!


Firefly Hill said...

Hi Summer,

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! I hope you are well....maybe you had the baby by now. I cannot wait to see him! My son was two weeks late and it was not fun. He had lots of hair though!



Vicky said...

Happy Birthday, Aris!! Hope you're doing well, Summer! Mr. Omri sure is taking his time! Sorry to hear about Dean's accident. Tell your mom I said hi!