Monday, June 28, 2010

When It Rains It Pours

Jabba The Hut & Zoe

I love this picture of Zoe, love it! Me not so much. I'm not used to having three chins, lol :) I feel as big as I look too. The good news is my due date was a little off. I was so grateful to find out my actual due date was the 24th not the 13th. It was a huge relief. I just cried in my midwifes office. She was sweet and let me blubber for a few minutes. I have never gone over a due date before. So I was starting to worry a bit. I feel way more relaxed knowing I'm just a few days over. This pregnancy has been so very different from all the others. This little guy is taking his own sweet time coming into this world. I wouldn't mind so very much but I can hardly walk these days.

On Friday Dean was working out in the front yard adjusting the sprinklers. He went to jump over one and landed on his right foot, felt it start to twist so he jumped to the left foot and felt it give out, heard a snap and fell over. He knew he had broken it. Poor guy I was inside and we had all the fans running. I couldn't hear him calling me to turn off the sprinklers. He was like, Summer, help! Then the sprinkler would come around and spray him in the face. We had a good giggle over this later in the ER. He dragged himself across the yard to the front door and shouted for help & that he had broken his ankle. At first I thought he was joking. Dean rides dirt bikes and works construction and works on roofs & never has had a bad accident yet. So I was in complete shock seeing him on the ground. I drove him to the ER and the xray confirmed it. He had a positive break of the distal fibula, possible posterior malleolus fracture and mortise displacement. This basically means his foot and ankle were swinging in the wind. Yes it looked as gross as it sounds. Ankles & legs just aren't meant to bend certain ways. The good news is it was a clean break or they would have had to do surgery that night. I'm taking him to the Orthopedic Surgeon on Wednesday. We'll find out weather he will have to have a rod inserted or if they will give him a hard cast. He's been a trooper. Dean hates to sit still. He even works on projects around the house after working all day. So I knew this would be hard on him. So far he's been really good at taking it easy. I'm glad because this will help in the healing process.

On Sunday after three days of Aris wetting herself she started crying when she went potty. So I knew something was wrong. I took her to urgent care and sure enough she has a bladder infection. She started antibiotics and just this evening has started getting some relief.

::The silver lining::

I really feel that despite all the craziness over the last few days we have been very blessed. Things could be worse. It's probably a good thing I haven't had the baby yet. I might not have been able to help out as well when Dean hurt himself or when Aris needed extra snuggles because she wasn't feeling good. My mom has been in town and has helped out above and beyond around the house and the yard. The girls are eating it up and I have been able to spend time with her. Tonight a family from church came over and helped rake the rest of the weeds from our back yard into bags. They just showed up and asked if they could help out. It was amazing. So despite a few bumps in the road life is good. I know we are very blessed!


michelle said...

Okay, way to find the silver lining but come on! This is too much! I saw this post come up on my google reader and thought, oh good Summer had her baby. But nooooo, you are too busy going nuts! So glad you survived it all. I guess this means Dean will be forced to hang around and snuggle new baby with you when he gets here. Which I hope is soon!

Elissa said...

oh SUMMER!!! so glad to hear about the due date, but yeesh! what a dear you are to be able to focus on the positive in all of this. that little man is just getting the best sort of mama. you are all still in my prayers, even more now! wish i could come over and help you out. ::sniff::


mysteryhistorymom said...

Summie- You are such a sport! Just think of the stories that are being made right now. You will all laugh (so hard!) later when things get back to normal. It may take awhile but this is how memories are made, right?;) Big Hugs to you, sweet friend. I do hope that Dean is not in much pain. You look so darling even though it is hard to walk, Sweets. And poor little Aris! I'm so glad that she is feeling better. Your little family is so precious and I adore all of you, my dear, dear friend. Lori

Bean said...

aww, poor Dean! I'm glad everything is alright, you guys will be great! I can't wait to see pictures of your sweet little man when he finally decides to make his way topside! <3