Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Shelves

Welcome to the new & improved room of Sloanie!

See the before ::here::

I got rid of her desk. It was left here by the old owners & I thought she could use it until we got her something nicer. It ended up turning into a junk magnet. I threw away a huge kitchen size garbage bag full of trash. I'm not kidding. How does that even happen? So no desk for right now.

Remember the shelving system I bought at a yard sale for $16? It needed to be painted. There were marker scribbles on a good portion of them. I would have painted them myself but since I have a broken arm my husband offered to do all the dirty work ;) Dean set up a spray tent and went to work painting them black. The bummer was because they weren't real wood it peeled right off. Opps! So he went back & bought a tinted primer & another bucket of black paint. He had to sand everything down lightly. Then he primed and painted again. What I was hoping would be a pretty inexpensive redo ended up costing about $150 in paint. Double opps!

I think it turned out great though don't you? Dean still has to finish painting the two sets of doors and add them on but I am totally in love with it. Sloan is also. I was able to organize the rest of the books. Can you tell we love to read around here? All of her books are on the left. Classics are on the top right shelf. Compilations, Caldecott's, & my Sendak collection are on the second shelf down. The middle has picture books the little ones can enjoy & the bottom two shelves are filled with board books and early readers for Zoe & Aris. We don't have cable & her TV is set up to play videos & DVDs. Once the doors are done it will hide all the videos. 

There are many other projects I have planned for both of their rooms. I have to do them as time & money allow. So even though this shelf cost a little more than I wanted it to to finish it, it would have cost way more to buy brand new. I am so happy with how things are moving along. Hoping this new shelving system will keep things a little more organized.

I linked to this wonderful ::blog:: & look forward to sharing future projects again very soon.


Vicky said...

It turned out GREAT! I love how the sunlight comes in on her bed!

Elissa said...

those turned out GREAT!!! too bad about all the paint expense, but worth it i think. still cheaper than buying new! awesome! i'm a little jealous :-)