Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Omri Oblio at Lake Tahoe 2010

This year we had all of Dean's Moms side of the family at our house for Thanksgiving. There was so much good food to eat it was a little ridiculous. Pies, two turkeys, asparagus, potatoes, sweet potatoes, two kinds of stuffing, & the only gravy that has come close to tasting as good as the stuff my dad used to make. My mouth is watering just writing about all this yumminess! 

The day after Thanksgiving we all headed to Lake Tahoe to sled & see the snow. It was so bitterly cold. Sledding didn't last long but it was fun to go and visit the beach where Dean & I were married. It's a private beach & you have to own a home in Tahoe to come to it. During the winter they close up the pool & open it to the public. It was fun to visit where it all started for our little family. The lake is where Dean & I met, went on our fist date & eventually got married. It holds a lot of special memories for us.

After returning from the Lake we ate dinner & then took the kids swimming at the pool in the hotel where some of Deans family was staying. It was heated & the girls & Omri loved the water & playing in the "coozie" Jacuzzi. After swimming, we headed up to the hotel room to watch a Charlie Brown special & have a snack. Cindy & I played a game of rummy. It was such a fun evening. The only thing that would have made it better is if Jennifer, Deans sister, hadn't been sick :( 

Everyone left on Sunday & the rest of the day was spent cleaning up the remains of our holiday weekend. Dean & I thought we'd stay home for the holidays but have decided to head to San Diego for Christmas & New Years. I'm excited. It will be fun to see everyone again. Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one!


An Art Nest said...

What a wonderful family photo!

Jo said...

Oh what a lovely family you have! Your kids are absolutely gorgeous! (Are those little beauties all yours? Sorry I'm asking, I'm totally new to your blog... I'll continue to browse, if I may!)

I know I'm a complete stranger but I just wanted to swing by and say hello, because you're actually the first-ever guest to my blog (almost abandoned, as you can see) to leave me a comment! Thank you! :o) (Yeah, I'm a total lucky duck, huh. Gabrielle is such a generous person, it's unbelievable... I feel like I should share the wealth - was there anything that you absolutely, absolutely wanted? ;-) I really wanted to customized portraits badly. And look what I got...)

My apologies that I'm writing this for the world to see, I have no idea (not yet) how bloggers communicate privately. If you know how, please kindly let me know!

Have a lovely day today (and nice to meet you)! :o)