Monday, March 7, 2011

My Little Piece of Crafty Heaven

 I was pretty embarrassed to post pictures of my art area the other day. That was probably the messiest it has ever looked since moving into the house. I don't know how that happens. How can things be so organized & my work area neat & tidy then, BAM! It looks like a bomb went off. Crazy!

I worked for a couple hours over the past few nights & I finally have my art area in working order again. 

It's nothing fancy but it serves it's purpose. A place for everything & everything in its place. Well.......almost everything. I have 4 more giant bins of fabric but Dean says another $50 cubical is not really in our budget right now, lol, so this will have to do until a later date. A great excuse to get working on projects. The more supplies I use the more I can move in from the garage & out of storage. How about you, where do you create?

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Ruth said...

It looks so cute. What a great table to work on. I am still working on a space for me to craft and create.