Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Zoe reading to Omri

My only regret is not capturing the "reading" of this story for posterity's sake. It was hilarious. Way more entertaining than the real story. 


noodle and lou said...

oh summer that is the CUTEST. just precious!!! and i love your happy anniversary card tutorial down a couple posts! i want to try it!

hey, you can join in on the team-up fun now if you want! just stop by megan's blog and let her know. if you need a partner, i think she has one for you...or if you have a partner already ,just jump in! fun!! xox

An Art Nest said...

this is so sweet! oh, and I got a good a laugh out of your post on my blog -

Rae. said...

Hey Summer!

We're heading to the park today for lunch, I don't have your number! (?)

If you want to head over and meet us call me... :)


Elissa said...

so cute. little peeps reading to other little peeps is one of my favorite things.

and, really? you don't think sponge bob square pants will go down as a classic?

Natalie in Sparks said...

so cute, i love it!

Ruth said...

What a sweet photo. I can imagine how cute the story was.