Wednesday, April 20, 2011


There is no such thing as a "normal" smile from this girl anymore. Anytime she sees the camera she makes a silly face & promptly asks to see the photo. Then she wants me to take another photo, where she makes another silly face & quickly asks to see the photo. You get the picture. If not see the above picture for proof.

Is this a photo from Headbangers Ball? Nope! Just my homeless little Moe. Yes she did such a wonderful job fixing her hair. I must admit this photo reminds me of the creepy girl that crawled out of the well in the movie The Ring. Chills. I don't understand how she can handle her hair being in her face. She loves wearing it down! It's driving me nuts! I'm being a good mommy though & letting her do these things for herself. I know it gives her such a sense of self confidence & that she's a big girl just like her sister.

Much better! Oh how I love these two little faces! It pains my heart a little when I look at this photo. Only because they look so big! No one tells you when you become a mom that this happens. That kids grow so fast. That sometimes you'll want weeks to fly by because you feel as if you are being overrun by your offspring. That other times you'll wish you could freeze moments so they never pass. The beauty & chaos of it all leaves me at times breathless. I know one day I will look back on this moment & wish it was one of those that hadn't passed so quickly.


Kay said...

such cute girls and lovely photos. Yes they grow so fast but no always remember their babytimes!

Natalie in Sparks said...

cute pics - yeah it's hard when they do their "fake smile" for pictures, you have to make them laugh to get a real one. and ooh, the movie "the ring" is so creepy! The girl with the hair coming out of the well is the worst part. don't worry, her hair isn't long enough to be that creepy!