Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stinker Pot

 Tonight at dinner you cried out of pure frustration. Why? Because you couldn't understand why I had made yellow rice for dinner. It wasn't what you wanted. You wanted breakfast for dinner. I tried not to laugh at the whole scene. It was rather adorable & you were so devastated. I had to hide my face for a second so you wouldn't see me smile. Even your dad was trying not to laugh. I explained that I make meals for my family. I don't cater to the individual food whims of each & every child or dinner would most likely be candy. I then explained how I try to make healthy meals, weather you decide to eat them or not is your choice. I won't force you to eat, but if you go to bed hungry it's your choice. You then slunked your head down & started munching on some lettuce. Lettuce! The thing most kids don't want to eat. A few minutes into the meal you told me how you would much rather your dad fix the meals because he's a better cook (I won't argue that one). Dad & I tried once again not to laugh. Mean I know but you were just being so over the top dramatic. You are not my drama girl so it was all quite entertaining. You are usually my little peacemaker so after dinner when you pushed your sister over in an effort to "help" her take off her overalls, I'd had enough. It was so hard to put you to bed without a story. I did give you snuggles & tucked you in. I don't think you will remember that. I'm pretty sure you will remember how I tortured you with yellow rice. The horror of it all! Even though you were being such a stinker pot tonight, I still love you more than all the stars in the sky.


Kay said...

cute story, darling photo. Your love is obvious!

amylouwho said...

Does my alison live at your house? I swear I could have written this same thing.