Tuesday, May 10, 2011

12th Finish

Someone commissioned me to make some burp cloths & this is what I came up with. 

Front of burp cloth made in Amy Butler.

 Soft chenille on the back

Bib made with vintage fabric 

This set I made for a fellow blogger that has a little daughter. She goes to occupational therapy & is learning how to eat because she has been tube fed since birth. I'm hoping she will be able to use these when she goes. They are bright & cheerful & instead of using the cloth as a "burp cloth" I thought she could use it to snuggle or wipe her face when needed.

 This is my 12th finish. I am so excited to be sewing again. I have a whole list of quilt tops to  finish & others to start. I've also been blessed with a steady stream of sewing commissions. All that money has gone into a fund to buy Sloan new glasses. I'll be back tomorrow to share the next finish I'm working on at the moment. Before I go, run on over to An Art Nest & enter to win her lovely bundle of scraps. Or don't, cause I'm kinda hoping that I'm the lucky gal ;)

12 down, 40 to go


Elissa said...

summer, you are KILLING me with these beautiful posts to your girls. and the posts are not the only beautiful thing... those girls! oh my! how do you feel about arranged marriage?? ;-)

you are so sweet and i cannot believe how much you manage to get done while managing those 4 beauties. little omri is getting so big but as adorable as ever!! thought of him last week as i tried to get cal to read INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD. you amaze me and i wish you were my neighbor (although after seeing those recent sunsets, maybe i wish i were YOUR neighbor!!!) many hugs to you dear!

An Art Nest said...

These are so lovely! Your details on the bib is fantastic! I wish, I wish, I wish we lived close and that Elissa was right down the road too - that way we could all hang out and be crafty together! I guess our blogs are the next best thing, eh!?

amylouwho said...

I lovethese! I'm buying some chenille this week for some projects. I've had the hardest time finding some plain white!

Artfulife said...

Thanks guys, I wish we all lived closer together also. I'd host craft night at my house once a week. Amy I found mine at Joanns. It's off white but I could see if they have white & send it your way.