Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Skate Night

If Zoe had her way we would go to the skate park every day. She often talks about waking up early so daddy can take her before he goes to work. Dean & I giggle at the cuteness of it all. With that being said she really would if she could. She's fearless too. I've never seen a 5 year old fall & get back up so effortlessly. All of our kids have strengths. This is Zoe'. Determined, unafraid, adventurous. 

Aris & her sweet ride. 

Oblio watching all the "Cool, cool, tricks!" as Zoe called them. 

It looks like she's falling but she crawls down on her tummy...... 

all the way to the bottom. My little goofball. 

Dean watching for a few minutes. He's so awesome about helping the girls when needed. I'm more than willing but the girls want Dean to help. Maybe I should just stick to taking the pictures, lol :)

Sloan giving her scooter a spin around the park.

Even my mom got in on the action. Go mom!

Looking forward to more of these skate park evenings. This particular evening we had it to ourselves for most of the time we were there. We couldn't have asked for a nicer evening. The sun was setting. Casting it's golden glow. Everything felt magical & nostalgic all at once. If there had been music playing you would have heard some Crosby Stills & Nash with a little Joni thrown in for good measure. I love evenings like these. The sun seems to set a little later every evening. Making it hard for the girls to go to bed when they actually need to. I'm soaking up these summer days. I know that in just a few short weeks not one but two of my little ones are going back to school. Zoe will start kindergarten & she can hardly wait. Sloan will be in 6th grade. How did that even happen? It will just be me, Aris, & Oblio at home. Times are a changing. Sometimes I get that twinge in my heart, like, is this really it? Is this how it's going to be? Omri is the last? In 4 years I will have all my kids in school? What will I do with myself!?!?!?!? Then a calmness comes over me & I know that it is what it is. Life has been so good. The Lord has blessed us with so much. I am sure when the time comes I will fill my days just as much as I do now, just different. I know there will be new challenges & exciting stages to experience as my children grow. As Dean & I grow. It is an odd feeling when you realize that you are getting older. It puts so many things into perspective. I only hope I fill my days with many more like this one. Because life is so short & I really probably could never get enough.


Elissa said...

so beautiful, for so many reasons....

100 Thoughts of Love said...

yeah, you turn around and they are grown...be aware of every passing moment, savor it, the good and the bad...great photos!