Tuesday, July 12, 2011

14th-16th Finishes


Another batch of burp cloths. Almost 30 to be exact. So I think it's only fair to count as a finish even though it's not my first time making them.



I saw this tutorial a while back. Thank goodness because I just adore those cute footed Carter character jammies. These were Zoe's & I knew if I fixed them Aris would be able to wear them eventually (if she ever grows;). It was such an easy fix & I kicked myself for not mending them sooner. Aris wanted to wear them now but I told her she will have to wait a year or two. I had a whole pile of mending to do. It had seriously been haunting me for months. Actually there were a few items that had been in that pile for over 3 years. How sad is that?!? So I sat down one night & fixed all but the things that needed buttons. I'll be heading to the store next week to match up & fix the last few items. It felt so good to accomplish this. I fixed over 20 items of clothing!



This rocker recover project was so much fun to do. This is for a dear friend of mine whom is expecting her 4th baby boy. the funnest part was going to the discount designer fabric store. All of their upholstery fabric is $12 or less! We spent a good hour looking around until we found something she loved that would not only work in the baby's room but also her living room afterward. She was super happy with the outcome & I enjoyed the challenge. The bottom cushion had to be taken apart to make sure the new cover fit properly. The pleats were a little tricky too. I had to rip it out once to make sure I matched it up properly. I'm so excited to have two chair recovers under my belt. It has given me the confidence to work on other furniture recover projects.

I should show you my list of things to do over the next few days, it kinda makes me week in the knees but I'm so excited to be making some really cute art for my cousins wedding. I'll also be taking pictures of the big day & her reception. So excited! Promise to share them all early next week.

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Elissa said...

you put me to shame and that chair turned out AWESOME!

i am shuddering thinking of my pile of mending. ;-)