Tuesday, July 12, 2011

& The Walls Came Tumbling, Tumbling

It's time to open up the house.

Sloan's turn 

Worker girl Zoe 

Zoe's turn 

Aris' turn

Brennan's turn 

Dean's turn 

We made it a family affair. 

Even Omri joined in the fun with the hammer Bumma gave him. 

Daddy showing Zoe how to pull down the wall with a hammer like he does at work. 

Taking down the other side. 

 Already looking more open & today it was so much brighter in the dining room.

This wall is coming down next. Pictures coming soon.


Vicky said...

I like open spaces and lots of light, too, Summer! I thought it was so cute how the little one was in her model bathing suit....like one of those 'home' shows on TV where the women working never sweat and still have complete makeup on after finishing a hard job! HA! Hope you're all well!

Artfulife said...

Haahaa! I know Vicky! She is such a girl! The other day she swam the whole time with a princess crown on her head. Cracks me up!

Elissa said...

truly you guys amaze me. can't wait to see it!

i'm thinking dean's turn was only so effective because the girls did all the work before him ;-)

Artfulife said...

Haahaaa, he was so patient as all of us took a turn. If he had done it himself it would have been done in half the time.