Thursday, May 24, 2012

Little Hands Quilt

The front 

I adore Zoe' teacher. She is really creative & wonderful. My only sadness about this whole school year is not being able to volunteer in her classroom as much as I have wanted. I figured the least I could do is offer to make some quilts for the end of the year auction. This is the first one that was auctioned off to raise money for an art program at the school. We kept it pretty basic. Just little hand prints. Each child wrote their name in permanent marker beside their print. I chose to use grey & orange because I wanted to keep it gender neutral. That way a boy or girl would be able to enjoy it. 

 The back

I kept the back pretty basic. I tried to find some other fabric to match the grey fabric I used on the front but not much matched the orange or the grey in either fabric. So I went with the orange with yellow polka dots. Isn't that crazy? Out of hundreds of fabrics in 2 stores not one thing really matched. Please tell me I'm not the only one this happens to.

 I chose to do a pebble stitch on this quilt because I was just quilting the strips of the front. I really thought it wouldn't take me that long. Wrong. It took FOREVER! Lol. One giant spool of thread & two broken needles later I finally finished. It was worth it though because I got to practice this stitch. I think it turned out okay too. I won't be using a pebble stitch again unless it's a much smaller project. I think Zoe' teacher liked it too & that makes me super happy. I'll be making one more quilt for her class & plan on sharing that sometime soon.

Right now I'm working on two little projects. The first one is these potholders made from some scraps I've been hoarding for a while now. These will be given to the girls teachers for a belated teacher appreciation gift. They were meant to be a quick one weekend project. Somehow it turned into a week long project. I just have to add the binding & they will be done. 

This is the second project I am almost finished with. I'm having so much fun quilting the top. This one will be auctioned off on my blog next week for a dear friend of mine. He's waiting for a heart transplant & all the money that is raised will go to living expenses while he is waiting for the transplant & after he receives his new heart. He is one of the nicest guys & a very talented artist. I am hoping to help raise as     much as possible to help his cause.

So grateful it's almost Friday. Dean has been working on the house again & I've been helping out in the house with organizing & a few projects on the back yard too. My goal this weekend is to get the garage organized. I'm trying to clean out & give away the things we just don't need anymore. It's a huge task! I've also started sketching. Susannah & I talked the other day about just how much we miss drawing. So I broke out the ol' sketchbook this week & have a few fun ideas I'm working on.

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Beth said...

What a great idea for your kid's teacher! That bubble stitch looks amazing!

Christina said...

I love the colors and the pebble stitching. Can't wait to see the next project when it's finished!

amylouwho said...

great finishes! And I can't wait to see the auction quilt! You are awesome!

Dayna said...

Your blog is so appropriately named! And you have such a generous heart. It sounds like you celebrate life and the people in it. I enjoyed reading this, and I think your quilt looks great!

Laura said...

Great minds think alike! So happy for your lovely little hands quilt! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a nice comment. Hope the auction is very successful!

Seth, Cassie, Ruby & Lucy said...

I love the colors and bubble stitch!