Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pot Holder Teacher Gifts

Well here they are! It only took me a week & a half to finish them. This was supossed to be a weekend project but I ran into a couple little bumps along the way. Like the fact that I had no fabric that would match for the binding. I made a run to my favorite local quilting store to see if they had any of the fabric line I used. thankfully they had a few fat quarters left. I had planned on harnd stitching the binding but changed my mind after talking to Susannah. I've never been able to do machine binding very well but figured I'd give it another try. I am so glad I did. I made a few little mistakes but this will be my go to when binding "tiny" things. Did you happen to see her amazing quilt? Funny story, we bought the fabric we used for both of these projects the last time she came for a visit. Almost 4 years ago. The even funnier thing is neither of us planned to finish these projects at the smae time using the same fabric. I love it that even though we are so far apart we still find ourselves creativly on the same page. 

I'll be taking these to the girls teachers, office staff & Sloan's school nurses the last week of school. We have been so blessed to move to a neighborhood that has such wonderful schools right in our back yard. Three more weeks of school! This summer is going to rock. I'm already planning some fun things for the kids & I to do togeather. Dean also bought me a bike this weekend! Looking forward to bike rides with the girls. Dean is getting in on the action too. We are on the lookout for a bike for him. Crossing my fingers we can find something sooner than later. Really hoping to make some fun family memories this summer.

Swing by tomorrow. I'll be sharing the baby quilt & starting the auction for my sweet freind!


Mrs. Dixon said...

How cute! Great job!

An Art Nest said...

Love love love these!!!

We sure can shop the fabric - yea!