Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So This is What 12 Looks Like!

12. 12 years. How did that even happen? One moment you are birthing a baby & the next thing you know that baby girl is turning into a young lady. It happened in a blink I tell you. I love this girl so much. She's feisty, funny, smart & a fighter. I love this age. It's challenging but I like that we can do more & more together. The gap between us is getting shorter & shorter. She'll be an adult in just a few short years. I love that we are becoming better friends. I'll always be her momma but knowing that she can come to me & talk to me about anything warms my heart. I hope it aways stays this way. Here's to hoping 12 is the best year yet. So far it looks very good on you ;) 

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