Monday, July 2, 2012

Doll Quilt

The front

I made this little baby snuggle/doll quilt for a baby shower two weeks ago. I received the mini charm pack of Summer House in my swag bag from Sewing Summit last year. I wasn't quite sure just how to use it. The squares were 2.5"x2.5" tiny! My friend Kelly was having a baby shower for her newest addition & I figured now would be the perfect time to use them.

The white cotton for the surrounding fabric & the blue binding were both purchased from Hancock. 

The quilting pattern is one I just kind of made up as I went. I knew I wanted hearts & paisleys. I used my machine but everything is free handed as I went. I do use taylor's chalk to map out lines on the quilts I work on so that everything is neat & tidy. The taylor's chalk comes out in the wash.

In the middle I used a "wiggle" stitch.

Up close of the quilting

Back of the quilt

I used a scrap of light blue & white gingham that I had from my stash for the back fabric.

Once I washed the blanket it had the most amazing crinkle to it. I do believe this is my favorite part of the whole quilting process. Pulling a blanket out of the dryer & seeing all the "puff" of the stitching makes my heart happy. Plus the "puff" helps to hide all of my little mistakes in the quilting ;)

Little Aris gave the blanket a test run. The blanket measures 24"x17" & can be used for burping or changing or as a snugglie while my friends baby is little. Once she is a little older she can use it to snuggle her own baby dolls. I like giving gifts that can serve more than one purpose.

I really wanted to make a little drawing of the quilting so that people can use it on their own projects. These first two weeks of summer break have proven to be a little crazier than I thought they would be. We are having so much fun though. If there is an interest in the comments section I'll draw it up this week & post it this weekend. Just let me know. 


Elissa said...

oh SUMMER. that quilting is AMAZING. did you sketch it out first with the taylor's chalk then? it is absolutely darling.

Artfulife said...

I just sketched out a grid & did the rest freehand with the machine.

Amy said...

Summer! I am dying over how awesome your quilting is, amazing!