Thursday, November 8, 2012

October Review

My life has been so full these past few weeks. 6 quilt tops finished, 5 of them quilted & hung in a little gallery downtown. My opening is tonight. I am so nervous but mostly excited & filled with such a sense of accomplishment. It only took 35 years to get to this point, haahaa, but at least I got there. I'm not done either. I've got a whole set of quilts lined up & hope to have another show next year. I'm also very excited that I'm getting steady commissions coming in. I will be working on projects until the end of January. That is a huge blessing. My goal for next year is to make enough commissioned work to be able to pay for my studio to be started. I think its doable. I will post pictures of the opening tomorrow but won't have a chance to post detailed photos of each & every quilt until the end of the show. Hope you all are staying safe & warm with all this crazy weather we are having. There is a possibility of snow for Sparks tomorrow! Crazy enough I'm excited about it.

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