Wednesday, October 17, 2012


October is proving to be my our busiest month yet. I've hardly had two moments to sit down & say hello to this very neglected blog of mine. I have however been working my little buns off (little being used very loosely here) on my upcoming art show. So far I've finished 3 quilt tops & I'm halfway done with the 4th. Only 2 more to go. On top of getting ready for my first solo show I've been babysitting my neighbors little girl & working every Saturday at the Pumpkin Patch. It's been crazy. Even with all the craziness we've still managed to have some family fun. The girls are loving the new play structure Dean started building. Sloan is loving school (for the most part) & Omri is learning so many new signs & tying oh so hard to speak more clearly. I'm loving this beautiful Fall weather. The nights are getting chilly & the days are perfect mixture of warm yellow sunshine. The colors on the trees are changing & it's getting dark earlier. A reminder to soak up these last few weeks of our lovely Indian Summer.

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Mrs. Dixon said...

I'm glad everything is going good with you guys! Can't wait to see what Dean is building :)