Thursday, February 21, 2008

Visit with Senator Harry Reid

Hamming it up at the Senator's office.

This is a perfect photo to get me motivated to exercise again. I am so out of shape.

Sloan with Molly Dillon. Molly is so amazing, she is always working so hard to help our kids. Thanks Molly.


Sitting Pretty Studio said...

Sloan looks so adorable...what an awesome way for her to experience how 'the world works'. Our teaching pastors daughter has juvenile diabeties. I don't know much about it...are there any web sites you recommend for reading up on it?
Does she have a cast on her arm?
Try to call me this weekend if you have time!
PS: I don't know if Sloan already has a pen pal...I wondered if she and Jolie would like to write back and forth.

Summer Swanson said...

That would be an awesome way for them to become friends, and a good way to help the girls learn to write letters. Sloan fractured her arm two weeks ago while putting the dogs up before school. This is her second fracture in the period of 5 months. I think shes just gangaly and a little clutzy. To find out more about diabeties you can go to the JDRF website, I am going to add the link tonight and places like web MD, or wikapedia could give you a rundown on the medical aspect of it. If you want to know how it affects a childs life, talk to your pastor and ask questions. Most parents of diabetics are ready and willing to inform anyone who wants to know about this disease. I will totally call you this weekend, hope all is going well with the hopefully new house.