Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What if......................

My friend Hilary and I talk every day on the phone, she is on my cell phone as one of my five favorites. Our conversations range from very deep conversations about the trials of being a mother and a wife in this complex world that we live in, to the silly and down right goofy. She has three children and is a stay at home mom. Today we touched lightly on the subject of desert islands. It all started when we were discussing a Gillian Welch song (she is a huge fan of her music). If you were deserted somewhere and you could have a complete set of all the artists music to listen to while deserted on this island, who would you pick? You can only pick 5 artists. I have come up with a list, Joni Mitchel, Van Morrison, Miles Davis, Beastie Boys and last but certainly not least Simon and Garfunkel. This was a very hard list for me to compile. I love listening to music and have over 300 Cd's. So picking my five fave was difficult. The five runner ups were Allison Krauss, Steely Dan, Bob Marley, Sublime, and Led Zeppelin.
This got me thinking about what 5 movies would I take if I knew I could only watch those five over and over again. Here they are in no particular order, Family Man, Rushmore, Home for the Holidays, Billy Madison, and Whats up Doc. All of these movies were chosen for the very fact that I have seen them 5+ times and still feel moved by the movie when I am done watching it. This is kind of goofy but fun. Feel free to leave your five faves in the comment box.

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Eliza at Cordwood Cabin said...

Oooh, too tough to choose....but I know Alison Krauss, John Mayer, and Charlotte Church would be among them. In movies, definitely Return to Me--but can we cheat and take boxed show series, too???