Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blooming Doodles & Giggles & Scribbles

Sloan's newest creation. It reminds me a little of the day of the Dead art from Mexico with a hint of tattoo style. She was emphatic that I teach her how to draw skulls today, and I would have never thought this is what she would produce. I think it's very creative. You can see this illustration along with others on Sloan's blog, Blooming Doodles. She loves getting comments and if you have any young budding artists that would like to become blogging pals with her she would be thrilled.

This is my little Zoe's artwork. She is very excited to start her own blog also. She wants to be just like Sloan. So whenever she finishes one of her "scribbles" drawings she brings it to me and says, "You put this to my blog mommy?". How could I resist this request. If you know my Zoe she doesn't ask once, no, it's like the 2 year old version of rain man. Things are repeated over and over and then a couple more times. So I had a few moments and figured I would start her little blog Scribbles & Giggles tonight. 

I figure the more these girls draw to more art will become a part of their lives. Even if they don't choose to become artists, I am hoping they will develop a love for the arts. You can visit both blogs by following the links at the side of my blog.

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