Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I'm 9 going on 19.......seriously.......

Here's what I'm up to these days

I love to sing & I'm learning to play the piano
I pack my own school lunch & calibrate my carbs
I try to help out when it's convenient ;)
I am strong willed
I have big dreams
I'm very expressive when reading
Favorite book right now is "Percey Jackson & the Olympians"
I just got my first training bras (this has been a huge deal, she feels so cool)
I am on a new insulin but wish I could get a pump
I hate having diabetes but I'm very brave about it anyway
I love to draw
I'm very concerned with fashion these days
I love my family
I miss my family that lives far away
I love to be hugged and have my back scratched


Elissa said...

gorgeous girl and yikes you are already to TRAINING BRA stage??? ack! :-) you and dean are in trouble with all these gorgeous girls. good thing they've got a little man coming along to fall in love with for the time being..... :-)

Cordwood Cabin said...

Oooh, a back scratch does sound good right now ... especially with the old-fashioned wooden scratchers they sell in novelty shops!

jend said...

Summer! I absolutely love that you took the time to post on your girls lives these days! I loved reading each and every one of them!

It's going to be so great to look back on one day!

Love it!