Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Oh how I love this little girl.

A little update on what I'm doing these days.

I wake up before anyone & cry for my cuppy
I love snuggles
I'm almost completely potty trained
I'm a mommas girl
I love to draw
play dough is my favorite
I like to swim like a mermaid every night when I'm in the tub
I love to "read" my board books
I love daddy to read to me
I can get undressed & put my clothes into the laundry all by myself
I have one volume & speed, loud & fast
I say my own prayers at night
My favorite thing to ask right now, Why?


Vicky said...

A little 'summer-look-a-like'!!!

Elissa said...

she is getting SO BIG! look at all that hair????!!! little doll face.

i love this idea... updating everyone... and just trying to REMEMBER it all and hold on to it.