Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Prepping For Spring

Time to take down the 2 misfit trees & make room for our new "gently used" play set.

 It took all day but was so worth it. Dean will be pouring the footings this weekend. The girls are so excited!

Dean cleaned up the mess from last fall & moved out compost onto the mounds where we will plant again this year. It was a mess before he started & now it looks so nice. 

We'll be planting two kinds of peas again this year. They are wonderful in soups & stir fries.  

garlic coming up 

Still loving our greenhouse. We've enjoyed fresh lettuce & kale all winter long. The cabbage are coming up great & on the other side (I didn't take a pic, sorry) he's started a ton of new seedlings getting them ready for when we can finally plant outside. I think we'll be trying out cloches again this year. They worked pretty well last time. 

Life has been pretty busy around here. Not only have we been working on things inside but outside too. Gotta get ready for spring. It's right around the corner. Can you believe it's almost March? The back yard still has such a long way to go but eventually we'll get things to where we want them to be. 

Today I'll be working on the last 2 blocks of my granny square quilt along quilt. I'm almost done binding the quilts to send to Elizabeth woohoo! I made a pile of "to finish" projects & almost passed out. How does such a pile come to be? I have a good 7 projects that are almost finished but not quite. So silly. The only good thing about this is I will have some fun finishes to post about over the next few weeks. It will feel so good to get them done. In fact I may just post a few pics later today if the weather cooperates.

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Ruth said...

I am looking forward to spring and working in the garden. I am hoping to get started with clean up and prep soon. We have had a very mild winter in New England this year.