Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas Eve Traditions, old and new

Part of Christmas card lane.

Look what Santa left Sloan!

Look what Santa left Zoe.

Santa ate all the treats. Are those reindeer hoof prints?

It's the blue avenger! I swear I didn't photo shop this picture.

You'll shoot your eye out! You can't see it well in my picture, but the lamp in the window is just like the one in the movie.

Christmas Eve fun on Christmas Card Lane.

The best seat in the house.

Every Christmas eve day the boy scouts of Rancho Bernardo give all the houses a pile of sand and bags with candles to light in the evening. It looked so beautiful. Everywhere you drove you saw the lovely luminaries.

The traffic at Christmas Card Lane. If you live in this neighborhood you have to decorate your home for Christmas. As you can see it draws quite a crowd. We had to park and walk to see all the festivities.

Ah yes, the old tradition of opening "one", gift on Christmas Eve. This somehow turned into opening several. Ben and Kristin wanted the girls to open the gifts they brought. The girls were totally spoiled.

New Christmas Jammies.

Grandma watching the fun.

Ben letting Sloan climb all over him. She loves her uncle Ben.

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sara ferrel said...

hi summer! i finally got on here and found an account on here i made a looooong time ago (look how old my picture is, hehe!)

i love all your pictures, im so glad you guys had a nice trip!!


your neighbor, sara.