Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Christmas remodel

The finished product. It looked so beautiful.

No we were not visiting the boy in the bubble. Dean had to re texture the ceiling after putting in the new can lights. In order to keep the texture from spraying all over the place, he tapes off the area. Dean put in a total of 8 can lights.

Hello Vanna! The unveiling of the sink.

The lovely mirror from TJMaxx.

The curtains didn't turn out as well as I wanted them to.

Look at my strong, sexy, hard working man!

Eric was such a help to Dean. He helped to seal and grout the floor. Poor guy, his hands were so torn up. All his hard work and sore hands paid off.

The laundry room. Both the bathroom and laundry room got a new coat of paint. The color was called "hot cocoa".

Mapping out the floor. It was actually harder than you think.

Even though all the construction was going on all around the house, Cindy had her house decorated so lovely for Christmas.

Starting point. This is how it all began.

Well for the most part things went as planned. There were of coarse as always a few setbacks here and there as there are with any remodel. For the most part everything went well. We only had a little drama the day before we left. Young Eric didn't know that Dean hadn't hooked up the washing machine. He needed to reconnect the water hose. So I'm sitting in the kitchen and it sort of sounds like someone left water running in a sink somewhere. I walked into the hall and there was water flooding the laundry room, hallway, and part of the bathroom. I started to yell for Jennifer to grab any towel and together we got it all cleaned up. It was horrible at the time, now I can laugh about it.
Dean worked so hard. He is so talented.

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