Thursday, January 3, 2008

Merry Christmas

Fun with Hannah Montana.

Grandma with her girls.


Jenn and Popeye.

Great Grandma and Popeye.

Great Grandma, Zoe, and Baby in her new stroller.

Jenn, Erik, and the girls.

Popeye and I.

The Christmas goodies.

It was a most wonderful and very special Christmas. We were spoiled by everyone.

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Simply the Best Real Estate Company, Inc. said...

HI Summer,
And you said you didn't take many pictures! :)
we sure did love having you all here, the time flew by! It was incredibly hard to see you drive away.
thank you so much for your blog! I am so grateful for you!

we are very much enjoying all the home inprovements! we are so impressed and proud of Dean! He is extremely talented, and fun to have around

i will join your quest to get in shape this year, though won't be posting any pictures:)
I think you look great, by the way

love always,